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Caren Original

Hand Treatment - 2 oz

Item# 1163

Our luxurious doctor recommended hand treatment helps heal, condition and moisturize skin. This aloe enriched blend of vitamins and botanical extracts is non-greasy relief for your skin. The formulation of our product provides a moisturizing glove enriched with vitamins and botanical extracts. Apply 3–4 times daily. Contains no mineral oil, not tested on animals.

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  1. Best lotion ever!

    Posted by Angelica on 4th Apr 2013

    Absolutely in love with this lotion. I bit my nails my whole life until about 3 years ago and just recently found this in a gift shop at a hospital and I'm now obsessed. It works amazingly. My nails were always breaking and pealing my hands always dry from work, until I started using this. I was amazed at how long and strong my nails stayed. I've been out of it for about a week now and am going crazy bc my nails are all breaking again.

  2. No More Cracked Fingers

    Posted by Dawn - Minnesota on 30th Mar 2011

    I'm also a nurse- have had cracked fingers for over a year- to the dermatologist twice- the last time he said there was nothing more he could do for me. Then I found Caren hand cream. Unbelievable- I never thought I would have smooth hands again in this lifetime. Your product is unbelievable. I've asked our local supplier to order in your Skin Brightener. Next on the list: sun-induced age spots.

  3. Wonderful Product

    Posted by Lori - Minnesota on 9th Jun 2010

    Thank you for a wonderful product. I previously had dry cracked fingers all winter but found with your product that my hands were crack free all of last winter! Have tried many many products and none have worked like Caren! Looking forward to another great winter with Caren products!


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